"I have a thoroughbred gelding that is cursed with less than perfect feet.  To make things even worse, he has gone through several mishaps with farriers.  My horse has suffered a variety of calamities that at times have left him in pain and more or less crippled.
My poor horse became terrified of anyone that resembled a farrier.  He would see someone wearing farrier’s apron and literally start shaking and try to walk away.  This was an appropriate response because his shoeing days had become days filled with pain and terror for him.
This unlucky horse needed a miracle.  It was beginning to look like his career as a performance horse was slipping away; due to his hoof pain issues and my inability to find a competent farrier to help him.
Finally the miracle I was looking for happened.  I was given a business card with the name “Reg Larson” on it.  I was told he might be willing take on a trouble horse.  I called Reg and my horse’s and my prayers were answered.
Reg came to meet my horse and he was immediately able to build a rapport and trust where no other farrier could.  I firmly believe it was his confidence and competence as a horseman and a farrier that made all the difference.  Reg was able to shoe my horse that morning with no drama.  His calm demeanor and patience quickly paid off and now after a few shoeings, my gelding is a new horse.  He is pain free and his performance and quality of life is reaching levels that never had been possible before he met Reg.
I never thought I’d look forward to shoeing days but I do now.  Watching a true master of his craft, a horseman and a gentleman put shoes on my horse is a pleasure.  Thank god for Reg Larson."

Rebecca Morris

"We are happy to have had a referral to call Reg Larsen when we needed a farrier in a hurry.  Reg was available to come out to our place promptly and did an excellent job of trimming our gelding’s hoofs.  Not only is this farrier reliable and friendly, but he does a really nice job for a reasonable rate.  Thanks Reg for taking care of our old guy, we look forward to seeing you again!"

Robin H.
Minden, NV

"I had a hard to shoe horse. Reg listened to the problems other farriers had with the horse and then went to work. The first shoeing this hard to shoe horse accepted Reg. Not only does Reg have patience and good horse skills, but his shoes stay on! This horse was always lame for a few days after new shoes that is no longer the case. I would recommend using Reg as your farrier."

Unanimous customer of Reg's

"I cannot say enough about Reg!
I have a gelding that is barefoot and very distrusting. He is hard to trim. He will not let you hold his leg at all. Whenever it was time for the Farrier to come I would feel sick and full of anxiety. Then I met Reg, my gelding is so much better with him. He genuinely loves horses and has such a gift with them.
My mare was  lame on both her fronts. Reg came completely assessed her, he was so thorough. Explained and showed me what he recommended, asked me what i thought and then shod her for me. Communication love that! What a difference right out of the gate. She is totally sound now.
I completely trust Reg. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable ,my gelding loves him and one heck of a farrier. I recommend him to all my of my friends and they are just as happy! Just wish I would have known him years ago." :-)

Michelle Harmon
Gardnerville NV

"Reg does such a nice job with my horses. While there are plenty of farriers in the area who can do a balanced trim and shoeing, Reg goes the extra mile to make my horses feel comfortable while he's working with them. He's so patient, and maintains a calm demeanor, even when the horses don't. I get plenty of compliments on my horses feet, and am pleased with the results every time. Additionally, Reg is a great communicator. He is always quick to respond, to answer any questions I have about my horses care, and to help me understand all my options. He is a valued part of my horse care team."

Cortney Bloomer